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The Gift

When you are feeling angry, instead of just getting mad and projecting that anger onto your partner, stop for a moment and think about what that anger is really about.

Comes with seven dialog questions for the week.


This presentation is part of a larger set of presentations designed to be used as part of a series of enrichments called "Love Never Ends" (I imagine each presentation could be done standalone). ERL.

Introduction (Taken from the book, “Love Never Ends”, used with permission.)

You may already know the joy and challenge of having children. You may be planning to have children in the future. Even if you don’t plan to have children, hopefully, the love you have for each other will be able to overflow into the lives of the children whose lives you will touch in the years ahead.
The word “discipline” means “learner” or “student”. To discipline a child is to teach a child. What values do you want to teach your child? What do you want to teach them about love, faith and life? Remember that the children in your life will learn to love, respect and value others by the way you love, respect and value each other.

You can find the book here:
Love Never Ends

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